Minnie Muse

I’m Karen and I would like to welcome you to the home of my website, Minnie Muse. I am the owner, designer and creative director and this is where I will share my life long love of crafting.

Crafting for me started as a young child and as this continued I then made keepsake cards and gifts for family and friends. This hobby progressed as I grew older and then flourished into a small business when I left the job I was in.

I have been a craft teacher and demonstrator for several years and traveled doing this through the UK running highly successful classes, demonstrations and events. Craft is my passion, it fills most of my days and I have a need to share this and help others to enjoy being creative.

Craft is not only an enjoyable hobby but more often than not a valuable therapy, creating with your hands provides therapeutic, calming and relaxing emotions. My classes provide a relaxed way of teaching in an atmosphere which is friendly and sociable where we simply love to craft.

in a name?

What’s in a name… MINNIE MUSE

My Dad passed away in 2010 and my Mum in 2017 after which I had my family tree researched.

Minnie | A name that runs through the maternal side of the family

Muse | My Dad was the source of a lot of my artistic inspiration.

I absorbed techniques, hints and tips from Dad, almost unknowingly, which I have been able to transfer to my crafting skills today. So Minnie Muse is a tribute to my family and some very dear supportive friends, much loved and lost along the way. Their memories and support of my creativity live on and through this gives me so much pleasure and satisfaction as I continue on my crafting journey.

I hope you will enjoy the insights and creativity I will share with you here…

Happy Crafting…x