This year, like most has whizzed by…a bit of a whirlwind. I often reevaluate and reassess things that are important in my life, focussing on friends, family, health and well being. Life is short and so many friends have had and are facing challenging struggles and battles.

We’ve celebrated several big birthdays with family and friends this year and pursued some goals we wanted to achieve. For me personally, now having dedicated space at home to run craft classes has been a very long term ambition that I am beyond thrilled it has now been fulfilled.

It’s time now to focus on these classes and I am so fortunate to have made wonderful friends in the ladies who attend on a regular basis. We have a wonderful time each week/month, social, relaxed and fun.

Another goal I have set myself, at the request of many followers, is to set up regular ongoing tutorials. I decided to challenge myself to get set up on YouTube. For many this will be a very familiar and regular practise but for me a complete new learning curve and something that I need time to develop and grow. As a complete perfectionist I thought I’d wait until I was armed with all the knowledge I needed, never going to happen!!! I have to do these things in short sharp bursts when time allows. So I take a leap of faith and made a tiny start, it’s not as scary as I imagined and I thought it would be good to share my progress as hopefully I manage to learn more and become more proficient with the process.

Here is the link to my newly formed channel – Minnie Muse on YouTube