Pansy square

A tutorial using die cuts that were sent out to regular class ladies for homework during the social isolation period.

This is taking the techniques from the tulip square a stage further with the colouring options.

Mask off the inner of the frame with post it notes or copy paper and low tac tape. Colour the outer edge of the frame and the pansy centre.

Next mask off the framed area you have coloured and colour the inside areas of the frame, I chose the same colour for the leaf veins and the flower edges as I thought the aged mahogany colour worked well for both.

Colour the petals and reposition into the frame.

Colour the leaves and reposition.

Colour the remaining filling pieces.

Create your matting layer background as in the previous tulip square tutorial to finish your card.

Iris square

Colour the elements of the inner frame, you can mask off separate areas and use either a tiny blending brush. In class we had in the amazon sets we purchased with a variety of sizes in them, or you can use cotton buds.

Colour and replace the petals and leaves as in the previous flower square tutorials.

Mask and colour the frame as before, it doesn’t really, matter if you colour the frame or the inside first.

Create your matting layer to finish the card.

Happy crafting xx