Pampering and present wrapping

I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a good and healthy new year. Thank you for your support this year, local classes return on the 17th January and details of other news and events will be posted out in a newsletter.

Special thoughts go to those who find this time of year difficult for all sorts of reasons, be kind to yourself, its ok not to be ok…

I have had wonderful support and feedback since launching Minnie Muse and for me it has ended my year perfectly with a huge personal achievement. It is a real learning curve and is not “perfect” but that’s ok because as I learn it will grow with me. I have struggled with Mailchimp as those who follow me regularly will know and the demons of technology continue to challenge me but that’s ok too because I’m learning new things, I’m always up for a challenge! The most important thing is that after a year since making the decision to launch Minnie Muse it’s now happened and that is very satisfying for me.

I hope you are all ready and able to relax a bit ahead of the big day. Yesterday we finished our wrapping and someone in the house had a pamper day so I thought I’d share, Frasier our Beagle having a bath, before and after shots. This post finishes with some more pictures of cards and present wrapping. I’m looking forward to new and exciting things for Minnie Muse next year and I look forward to sharing with you.

Have a wonderful time warmest festive wishes, Karen xx