A labour of love, here we go…



I purchased these gorgeous mini tiles at The Country Living Fair earlier this year when I visited with my friend Polly (Angela @ Polly Allsorts) we stayed over in London and enjoyed a lovely time together.

Almost a year ago I made the decision to bring my love of craft and the journey it has bought me on over the years together in one place. Somewhere to share this love of craft, inspiration, thoughts and experiences. A decision that was brought about partly from something I wanted to achieve on a very personal level and partly after the experiences I had discovering the history of our family tree and some treasured family keepsakes.

Finding out more about relatives and their experiences evoked many memories and proved a very cathartic experience for me. Family and friends have always been hugely supportive of my creativity. Sadly many are no longer here but, without their love and support I wouldn’t be where I am today. Along the way I’ve met wonderful new friends and their support together with that of my amazing husband and daughter encourages me further. I’m fortunate to enjoy a contented life doing something that is and always has been a passion.

I pinch myself thinking how fortunate I am and now here at Minnie Muse I am continuing my journey and enjoying the process of it coming together. Don’t get me wrong it’s been enormous hard work this year doing this alongside my craft work, but then anything worthwhile usually is.

With family and friends in mind I’d like to share a couple of gifts that were given to me:

The lovely Polly, Angela Maree Dearlove @ https://pollyallsorts.com made me this special card for my Birthday this year using one of her delightful MDF mini door fronts. It’s beautiful, treasured and I love it.



This mug was a gift from another lovely friend Selina, Lacey @ www.laceymays.co.uk When I have my afternoon cuppa this is the mug I use, it reminds me of my dear friend, thank you.



Finally my Think Happy Thoughts mug, I’m a glass half full person and this is a saying I like to live by.



I have added the finishing touches to my website now it’s all completed, I’ve procrastinated about it far too long haven’t I Samantha Kingdon! LOL. Polly and Lacey will vouch for that too!

I need to thank Stacey @ slscreative.com for having patience with me while I’ve gathered all the information together for her to build my website, I’m thrilled with what you have done for me  and wish you well for the exciting time you have ahead x


Happy Crafting Karen x