A short pictorial step by step below on how I batch made some simple Christmas cards.

I hope your plans are going well and you’re nearly ready, not long now…

Taking a step back from the chaos and commercialism that can dominate Christmas I have chosen to keep things simple and rustic especially with my wrapping. Trying to avoid waste and using brown wrapping paper that can be recycled, I noticed many people purchasing brown paper this year. Personally I’ve always liked the older traditions for wrapping and other craft ideas. I know many crafters get given ribbons and various decorative accessories that are left redundant after Christmas, people don’t want to throw them away so they pass on to someone who can make use of them.This is what people I know have done for years, hence I have a very large supply of ribbons and other decorative trimmings! I purchased my dried fruits but it is nice to dry them at home and add scented oils.

Keeping things simple has been especially important to me this year, so many friends have been struggling with all sorts of health and other issues and I wanted one thing to take priority over the usual “chaos” that can dominate our “TIME” I wanted to be sure to write letters to add to cards, have time to visit and chat to friends that I wanted to support. This last couple of weeks has been my time to do this and I’m so pleased I was able to write, chat and visit these friends..

Things don’t have to be perfect as the saying goes “It’s the thought that counts” and that has been no more true than now. Christmas can be a challenging time for so many for all sorts of reasons, health, problems and loss of loved one’s. My own family dynamics have changed considerably in recent years and it’s important focus on what is important to us, be kind to ourselves and enjoy simple things.

This is really how my simple wrapping and card making came about this year…

I started by stamping the front and back of my cards with my chosen festive stamp with the aid of my stamp press. I chose a large Woodware stamp from my stash and my logo stamp that was recreated by Loti at Mama Makes, Thank you Loti.

I then stamped a sentiment inside and trimmed some festive burlap ribbon and lace trim to stick to the card.

Once in place I added a wooden tree element and a few sequins on the berries of the stamped image. Really simple but still handmade which gives pleasure when received. It was also a good design for posting too as it fitted in the standard posting dimensions.

Here’s another recent make, again super simple yet effective, the bows have been tied using the frayed threads from the hessian fabric I have been using. I so enjoyed this style and theme, I hope you have been inspired too. I’ll be back with one more post on Christmas eve. Have a lovely weekend… Karen xx