So January is leaping ahead already…I’m sure most of you are well and truly back into the swing of things and maybe like me looking forward to some warmer brighter days ahead. I made a very conscious decision as the year started to have a “detox” from social media and technology. It can be quite challenging when you are a naturally social person to take this step back and to some it might even seem quite anti social. I managed when I was younger, phone calls, writing, face to face social meeting and it’s worked just as well recently if not better!

I also had a list of tasks and jobs that needed attending to and sorting, including the dreaded tax return! Yuk! Taking time out in January is often my time to attend to these things. Apart from that we, like many others were dealing with one of the horrid viruses that had been affecting so many and attending to family matters. So once the tax return was well in hand, we had our annual visit to the London pantomime which is always such a real tonic along with organising an upcoming break away and gently easing back into the year ahead.

I’m a firm believer in mindfulness and the therapy of taking time out, focusing the mind and being kind to ourselves especially when life gets so hectic. I often get reminders on my mobile phone about my screen time use and to be honest find it quite alarming what I could be doing with all that extra time in my day! It made me question the amount of time I spent on my phone and social media and if I could better utilise my time which in turn could benefit further my health and well being. I have used social media to update my craft news, classes etc but I also have a perfectly good website where I can share updates and news too and here it is!

So I have to say it’s been very refreshing to take a step back and attend to tasks and jobs while also having some mindful time away from technology.

I’m looking forward to meeting the craft class ladies this weekend for a social get together before we start back to classes, the first classes back are fully booked and it will be great to welcome everyone back during the weeks ahead and and at weekends.

I’m also very honoured and privileged to be part of the amazing Trimcraft Makers team for this year, I really had to pinch myself that i had been selected from so much amazing talent from those who applied.

Docrafts will be starting their demonstrations again in due course so I look forward to sharing lots of inspiration and products with you all.

The verdict from me is once you start it’s refreshing to have a technology detox and it is possible to have extra hours in the day!

Be kind to yourselves, a short time of mindfulness and relaxation can work wonders for our well being.